TrackR Bravo – Track Anything

Frequently find yourself losing important things? Ever lost your phone or left your bag on a train? Well, don’t beat yourself up because these unfortunate things happen to all of us… Until now, anyway. Luckily, we’ve found one popular product that will stop you losing anything, ever again. We’re talking about the TrackR Bravo – it’s a small but genius tracking device that you can attach to any of your possessions.

Never Lose Your Wallet or Phone Again

So, how exactly does it work? The tiny tracking device that you attach to your bag, keys, and wallet will link with the TrackR app on your smartphone. Then, next time you’ve lost your keys you can open the app and find their location on the map. And if you still can’t see them, press the ringer button in the app to make an alarm sound. It also has a great family sharing feature, making you able to track the missing item from multiple phones.

Use the Crowd Locate Network

Let’s say you left your bag on the train and you can’t get to it right away. What happens then? You can enlist the help of 20,000 other TrackR users. This brilliant feature is called the Crowd Locate network, and they’ll help you search for your lost bag. If one of them passes your missing bag you’ll get a notification sent to your phone.

It goes beyond bags and wallets, too, as misplacing our phones is a common problem. Next time you can’t find your phone, don’t panic. Instead, you can use TrackR to call it. Simply press the button on the small device and your phone will start to ring, even if you left it on silent. This product is great for helping you find anything you might lose, especially if you’re a persistent misplacer.

It’s Compatible with Amazon Alexa

This super-handy device comes in 4 different colors; silver, black, sky blue and rose gold – all made of strong anodized aluminum. You can even add a custom engraving or a water-resistant case for an additional charge. A final feature worth mentioning is that this device can integrate with Amazon Alexa. Just say “Ask TrackR to find my phone” and Alexa will ring it for you. If you never want to lose anything again, it’s safe to say that TrackR Bravo is the device you need.