The Best Bluetooth Trackers on the Market

We’ve searched the internet to find out which Bluetooth Trackers will do the best job for you. After reading a ton of reviews from real customers and hunting down the best products, we bring you the best 5 Bluetooth Trackers on the market today, so let’s talk long range, loud alarms, and large crowd-finding networks.


5 of the Best Bluetooth Trackers

All of the Bluetooth Trackers that we are comparing allow you to track your valuables using your smartphone. They each connect to an app that will open up as a map and show you the location of your missing item. The factors that we’ll be comparing on these different devices include Bluetooth range, the loudest alarms, and which has the biggest crowd-finding network – a group of other tracking device users that you can enlist to help you find your missing stuff. A fantastic idea, right?

1. Tile Sport & Tile Style

Two of the top models on the market is the Tile Sport and Tile Style, but they are equally one of the most expensive at $35. We’ve grouped these two trackers together because they both offer the same type of performance, with the only difference being their exterior designs. But are they worth paying top dollar for?

Tile has a pretty good reputation as the go-to brand for trackers, and these two latest models are part of the Tile Pro Series. So, what is it exactly that sets them apart from the rest?

The Sport and Style have the longest Bluetooth range at an average of 165 feet and loudest sounding alarm of any tracker we could find – a 100-decibel alarm. Additionally, Tile has the biggest customer base among tracker companies, so that means it’s also got the biggest crowd-finding potential.

The Style and Sport both come with rounded corners and measurements of 1.6 inches across and 0.2 inches thick. These two trackers are also fully waterproof. It’s also incredibly easy to link it to your phone thanks to Bluetooth 4.0, and you don’t need to mess around in settings. Just download the app and press the tracker’s button when prompted.

2. Tile Mate

Compared to the Tile Sport and Tile Style, the Tile Mate is a cheaper alternative at $25. You get very similar benefits but in a less expensive package. You can still make use of the Bluetooth range and alarm but on a bit of a smaller scale.

According to some tests, the Tile Mate lost range from the smartphone at 76.5 feet which is less than half of the Sport and Style models, but it did actually match the sound of the alarm. If you’re more likely to lose your keys at home, rather than when you’re out and about, then a tracker with a smaller range will still work to your advantage.

You will also find the Tile Mate larger than the previous two, but only a little. It still makes for a good tracker, and as the cheapest on this list, we think you are sure to get a lot of bang for your buck.

3. Tile Slim

The Tile Slim has some size advantages that the other trackers lack. And depending on your intended purpose, it could be exactly what you want to get out of a tracker. The Tile Slim has a really sleek and thin design and is about the thickness of 3 credit cards.

However, it is larger at 2.1 inches square, but it’ll fit in places that others won’t. If you want a tracker to keep inside your wallet, this is the perfect tracker as it’s so thin it promises to be unnoticeable.

But for the size advantage it does have a smaller range and slightly quieter alarm than Tile Sport and Tile Style, but if the thickness is the most important thing for you it won’t matter. This device comes in at slightly cheaper than the Sport and Style too, costing $30.

4. TrackR Bravo

While it seems that the Tile ecosystem has some of the best available, the TrackR Bravo has a feature that none of the Tile trackers do. A replaceable battery. According to most reviews, the Tile trackers last just under a year before needing to be replaced but with a TrackR Bravo, you could potentially have a long-lasting device.

At $30, it’s on the same price point as the Tile Slim, but $5 cheaper than the Tile Sport and Tile Style. It’s also a smaller design than any of the Tiles and is round instead of square. It measures at just one inch in diameter and is about as thick as a stack of three quarters.

Another feature that Tile is lacking is TrackR’s flashing light. This could be the difference between finding and losing your item at night. Range-wise, it’s actually the worst of the 5 tracking devices though, measuring just 56 feet before disconnecting. A second con is that TrackR has a smaller customer-base than Tile, so that means it also has a smaller crowd-finding network.