Smart Digital Photo Album

This smart photo album maker collects, organizes, and preserves pics for you—so you can focus on the fun, capturing-memories part. The touchscreen tablet and magnetic charging stand combo makes it easy to curate, share, and display your favorite snaps from devices and photo apps.

Joy is a digital photo album maker that beautifully displays and shares pics from the whole family. It collects and stores photos from your devices and apps, like Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr. And it organizes and shows them off in one sleek, touchscreen tablet that’s lovely to hold and behold.

Joy creates photo layouts that are display-worthy, like a digital frame—or you can swipe through the “pages” anytime you like. It’s sized deliberately larger than other tablets to make sharing and viewing images easier (and better-looking). And built-in speakers and a high-definition screen make videos really pop, whether the tablet is in your hand or on its magnetic charging stand.

Joy helps friends and family stay connected from anywhere, and invites storytelling. With the StoryTime feature, you can gather around a photo album even when you’re apart. Simply start a voice call between devices and share your screen, making it feel like you’re flipping the pages right next to each other. You can also leave recordings on photos and videos to preserve the voices and stories behind your memories.

The idea to create an all-in-one digital photo keeper came to Alan Chan when his wife lost a lifetime’s worth of family photos in a fire. The arrival of his daughter then made Alan want his album to streamline photo sharing from multiple platforms as well, into one sleek, display-worthy device.