Portable Solar Charger

This multi-paneled, portable solar charger powers up multiple USB devices at wall-socket speed. It includes a detachable battery and as well as loops to hang it in a variety of ways. Great for emergency preparedness or just to be less reliant on the power grid.

Electronic devices are supposed to make us more mobile, but instead often tie us to a power outlet. Thanks to SunJack, that’s no longer an issue.

This durable, high-efficiency solar device charger powers phones and tablets at wall-socket speed. Everything you need is included: a foldable solar panel with 2A USB ports, an ultra-slim lithium-polymer battery, a fast-charge battery cable, and carabiners that let SunJack hang in a variety of ways.

Founder Harold Tan has spent years in the solar industry, and set out to design a robust, portable solar power source. SunJack folds to about the size of an iPad and can fully charge most phones in 90 minutes—twice the speed of standard solar chargers. It holds enough energy for up to eight smartphones after just five hours in the sun.

SunJack is a greener way to power up, and to be less reliant on the grid. It’s also a useful tool for emergency preparedness. This handy charger provides portable energy independence for anyone, anywhere.