Peeps – Eyeglass Cleaner

There’s nothing worse than facing the day with smudges on your glasses, so wouldn’t it be great to have an effective and portable glasses cleaner? Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner has already started going viral among those who wear glasses. And, this brand-new product uses some pretty cool technology to clean your lenses like you’ve never seen before.


Carbon Cleaning Formula

Forget you what you know about cleaning your glasses, as Peeps uses no clothes, wipes, sprays or alcohol and makes the process totally mess-free. This eyeglass cleaner is designed to clean eyeglasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses very effectively.

They use a unique and invisible carbon cleaning formula that will remove any dust, oily fingerprints, and dirt that comes from the face. The device cleans both inside and outside of the lenses at the same time, getting into all those hard to reach corners, leaving your glasses crystal clear. Peep is safe to use on all types of optical lenses, too.


Peeps use a solution that is the safest and most tested cleaning technology in the world. It’s so good, that it’s the only lens cleaner used on the Nasa Space Station, you could even call it out of this world!

Peeps is super easy to use, compact and will never expire, and you’ll be able to clean your glasses 500+ times using just one device. It’s also perfectly portable and will fit any bag, purse or pocket. The cleaning device measures 4x1x1 inches and comes in your choice of 7 different colors, black, blue, lime, pink, purple, red, or white.