NuWiper: Save Hundreds of Dollars on New Windshields

How much money do you spend on new wiper blades? $50? $70? Maybe even more? Now calculate the amount you spend in 4 years… You probably end up paying thousands of your hard-earned money for something that could be solved in 3 easy steps.

Obviously, car companies don’t want you to find out about this simple solution –  they’re pretty happy about the money they’re taking out of your pockets every single year…

Luckily, you no longer have to deal with it. Recently, I stumbled upon a product called NuWiper. It costs only $14.99 and allows you to use your current wiper blades over and over again for FOUR years!

Keep your passengers safe by keeping your windshield clean.

Recreate a Precise Edge on Your Blades in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Wipe your wiper clean with a damp cloth
  2. Gently guide NuWiper from one end of blade to the other five times
  3. Wipe off any left-over debris

That’s it!

Your wipers will be brand new with this inexpensive device.

There’s really no need to take your car to the shop or spend hours browsing your local store for new wiper blades. NuWiper is super easy to use, eco-friendly and has exactly the same effect on your car as getting new wiper blades.

Why it’s Important to Have Sharp Wiper Blades?

Maybe you’ve never changed your blades at all? Well, you wouldn’t be alone in this. Many drivers have no idea, but it should be their #1 priority in car maintenance.


It’s actually very simple – you need to see where you’re driving! You are fully responsible for the safety of all your passengers – including the most precious people in your life – family. You would never risk their lives (or your own for that matter)!

The thing is, it’s not always easy to find new blades when you need them. That’s why NuWiper makes a perfect gift for practically everyone you care about.

This product was scientifically-designed to create a perfect “factory fresh” edge on your wiper blades, so the visibility level will be perfect no matter the weather!

Go get yours before supplies end and you’ll never have to change your wipers again!

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