KeySmart – The Future of Keychains

Sure, you’ve already got a keychain, but it’s got nothing on the KeySmart. If you carry a lot of keys, you will likely agree that your existing keychain is bulky, inconvenient and has that tell-tale jingle. This is where the KeySmart is different, it’s a handy organizer that offers a simple, yet streamline solution.


Functional, Yet Stylish

The KeySmart is such a great tool that you’ll probably wish you’d thought of it yourself. It’s not only functional but stylish too. The KeySmart can hold up to 14 keys in a stream-line metal holder, that is both fashionable and lasting. Smaller than a packet of gum, the key holder is made from two 3mm thick plates made from aircraft grade aluminum.

Perfect for Practical Thinkers

This key holder stops your bulky keys stabbing your leg from inside your pocket, and eliminates the time you spend looking for the right key to match a particular door. This gadget will also stop your keys jingling, like a regular keychain. And it even features a built-in clip that will let you attach it to any pocket, belt, bag or car key.

Nothing your keeping inside will be scratched or damaged as the KeySmart offers the best protection, and you won’t have to worry about keys scratching your phone screen either. It’ll also fit in any pocket, bag or purse – no matter how small. The perfect gadget for all the practical thinkers in your family.

Add Cool Accessories – Every Needs a Bottle Opener on Their Keys

If you want to make the keychain your own, you can. Simply add cool accessories like a USB drive, bottle opener, torch and a location tracker to it on the KeySmart website. The KeySmart also comes in an array of colors, choose from red, black, blue, grey, green, purple, orange, or pink. A must-have gadget that you never knew you needed.