GlowBowl – Transform Any Toilet into a Nightlight

GlowBowl is the toilet light that you never knew you needed. This new product is sure to be loved by adults and kids alike. It means no more missing the target, or being afraid of monsters in the dark. In fact, we think this super fun product will change your life if you frequently wake up in the night to use the toilet. 

The Toilet Light of the Future

GlowBowl started out as a crowd-funded start-up that’s quickly become a viral sensation. Not only is the light motion-activated, but it’ll also stop that painful glare you experience from turning on the bathroom light. It’s a super simple design that lights up the bathroom exactly where you need it. You’ll no longer need old-fashioned bathroom lights!

If you’ve ever had the terrible experience of sitting on the toilet after a male family member has left the seat up, the GlowBowl will eliminate this from ever being a problem again!

You Need to Try “Carousel Mode”

You’ll have the choice of 7 different color LED lights so you can set the light and mood that suits you best. Choose from blue, green, red, white, aqua, yellow or purple. There is also a smart dimmer switch which allows you to vary the brightness, along with “Carousel Mode” that resembles a mini-rave inside your loo.

GlowBowl is water-resistant, and fully battery powered using 3 AAA batteries which last an ample amount of time. It’s even light sensitive and will deactivate the instant it detects light to maximize the battery life. Also, it’s simple design means that it will fit the size or shape of any toilet.

To set the device up, first clip the light on to your toilet bowl then set up the motion sensor in a place that it can see you when you enter the bathroom. Then, it’s up to you to choose a color pick or the awesome Carousel Mode.