Portable Solar Charger

This multi-paneled, portable solar charger powers up multiple USB devices at wall-socket speed. It includes a detachable battery and as well as loops to hang it in a variety of ways. Great for emergency preparedness

Home Tech

Anti-Slip Shoe Traction Solution

Add traction to your step, thanks to millions of nano-sized spikes. You apply this non-toxic shoe grip solution to your soles. It dries into a grippy-but-clear surface that you won’t notice is there and reduces


Cable Keeper

Keep your phone chargers, headphones, and other cables organized and untangled with the NEET cable keeper. Easy to zip one or more cables inside and, with bendable wire sewn in, fold or shape your cables


Smart Digital Photo Album

This smart photo album maker collects, organizes, and preserves pics for you—so you can focus on the fun, capturing-memories part. The touchscreen tablet and magnetic charging stand combo makes it easy to curate, share, and


Massage Rod

This roller is coated in a thin layer of high density foam, letting you easily customize the level of pressure you want. Roll this massager anywhere on your body that could use some relief—the small


GloLens Clip-On Smartphone Light

Clip this mobile camera lens onto your smartphone to shoot better selfies. The wide-angle lens has three light settings to cast you in your best light. Take your selfie-taking game up a notch—and into better


Portable Posture Trainer

BetterBack allows you to effortlessly sit in perfect posture while easing back pain—and preventing it. This lightweight, portable posture device and lumbar support helps train you to sit up properly at work or at home


Wearable Pain Relief

This drug-free treatment is FDA-cleared to help ease chronic pain around the clock—even during sleep—by delivering a therapy called Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, or “TENS.” Put Quell around your upper calf, and it generates an


Mini Bluetooth Speaker

A teeny tiny speaker with majorly big sound. This palm-sized Bluetooth speaker pumps up the volume and it can function as a selfie remote for phone-free photos, too. Take your selfie-taking game up a notch—and


Filterless Air Purifier

Cleaner air courtesy of an air purifier for dust, mold, and allergens. The filter-free design has a ceramic core that sterilizes air at over 400 degrees and then circulates freshly cleansed air back out into