21 Unusual Ways To Save Money & Cut Expenses

Most people don’t realize just how much money they unnecessarily throw away each year. An extra fee here, a dollar there — it all adds up rather quickly. It is estimated that an average American spends over $2,700 on unnecessary expenses each year.

Here’s a quick way to cut expenses and save money in 2020.

1. Cut down or get rid of your cable.

Either get rid of your cable altogether or take some time to call up your cable company and save over $200 and reduce your monthly payment.

More often than not, if you ask to cancel or tell them you’re switching to one of their competitors, they’ll likely offer you a better deal than what you’re already paying. At the very least, they’ll be able to find you a more suitable package that fits your budget.

2. How To Stop Paying For Expensive Home Repairs

Unexpected home repairs can be catastrophic to the finances of most Americans who are on a fixed monthly budget. Your home insurance will not cover your refrigerator, stove or washing machine breaking down unexpectedly. Same goes for your heater in the winter or AC unit in the summer, if it breaks, you have to pay the heavy repair bill.

The good news is that there is now a new Home Warranty Program available for Americans that can help protect you from unexpected home repair bills & save you thousands on repairs. Appliances, AC’s, heaters, roofing repairs, etc. – they are all covered under the program. If they cannot fix it, they will replace it, its simple + saving seniors thousands.

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3. Stop Paying The Electric Company Once And For All — New Federal Program Pays Homeowners To Go Solar And Cut The Electric Bill

Here’s something the power company doesn’t want you to know. A little-known government program allows qualifies homeowners who live in these specific zip codes to receive $1,000’s in Government funding to install solar panels.

The program is called the Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit, which provides subsidies and rebates that can cover most of the costs associated with installing solar panels.

Has your power company told you that? Most likely not. Once homeowners go solar, their energy bill is drastically reduced — often to $0 or close to it. You can bet the energy companies are not too thrilled about that.

Homeowners can check if their zip code qualifies here and be on their way to eliminating electric bills.

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4. Lower The Temperature on Your Water Heater Down To 120 Degrees Fahrenheit

120 Degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect temperature to set your water heater to. Most people don’t use water hotter than this as any anything above 120 is hot enough to scald you or a child.

Check your water heater and if it’s set above 120 turn it down, otherwise it’s a waste of energy and money.

5. Special Program Gives Americans $250,000 in Life Insurance for Just $15/month

If you have any family, life insurance is a must. Most people don’t have savings large enough for their family to pay off their mortgage, cover living expenses, and pay for final expenses — never mind ensuring your loved ones don’t inherit your debts.

Life insurance companies know all of this and the bigger the policy, the more they profit. They’ve been getting away with charging high rates for years – but that’s all coming to an end.

Thanks to a new special program, there is now a way to get a rock solid, yet very inexpensive life insurance policy from top providers. Thanks to this amazing website it’s easy to see and compare plans, regardless of age or medical history. The best part is it’s totally free!

Even if you already have a policy, it can find comparable plans at a much much lower price. You could easily end up saving 70% on life insurance!

No medical check and instant approval policies are also available for every adult even if you have been denied in the past.

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6. Owe More Than $20,000 in Credit Card Debt? Use This Brilliant Debt Relief Plan

During these uncertain times and with the skyrocketing cost of living in the United States, more people are struggling with financial debt than ever before. And with interest rates snowballing the amount owed, paying your credit card balance can seem like a trap that can never be escaped. Here’s what credit card companies don’t want you to know…

If you owe more than $20,000 in credit card debt, this proven debt relief program can reduce the amount of money you owe. You can resolve your debt with no requirement of loans and thus become debt free in just 24 – 48 months. If you’ve been struggling to pay your credit card debt, then click here to find out how you can become debt-free!

So if you carry $20,000 or more in credit card debt, click here to see if you qualify for reduced payments!

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7. Buying Certain Frozen Foods Is Not Just Cheaper But Actually Healthier

You should absolutely be buying store-brand frozen food like vegetables. You get more for your dollar than you do with fresh, but more nutrition than if you buy canned. Mix in some frozen veggies to any meal to stretch it a little further. Frozen vegetables can sometimes be even better than fresh because they’re picked at optimal times for nutrition and aren’t shipped from long distances.

Not only are frozen goods cheaper, they could also save you money by reducing the amount of food you throw away. When you cook with frozen food you only need to take out the actual amount you’re going to use, so there will be less left over at the end of the meal. Instead of cooking extra vegetables just because they need using up, you can cook a small quantity and still have plenty left for the next meal. Frozen food lasts for considerably longer, so there isn’t a hurry to use up the food before it goes off. And it’s not just limited to vegetables; pizza’s, pasties; ready meals; chicken, sausages, meats and fruits are all available frozen and can often be less than half the price of fresh. No need to be snobbish about frozen food when it can save you money and make you healthier.

8. Get $3,252/year Taken Off Your Mortgage With The New Federal “Relief Program” This April

If you’re a homeowner, this one thing could save yourself thousands of dollars this year…

The Fed recently issued new mortgage guidelines, which allows the average homeowner to get $3,252/year (or $271/month) taken off their mortgage as early as this April.

There’s no telling how soon the Relief Program will expire, so it’s suggested that homeowners complete the mortgage relief survey to check their eligibility right away.

While the banks happily wait for the program to end, a final push is urging homeowners to take advantage. The Relief Program is currently active but could be shut down at any given time. The good news is that once you’re in, you’re in.

So if reducing your payments by $271/month, paying off your mortgage faster, or even taking some cash out would help you, it’s important to check your eligibility here. Checking your eligibility is quick and completely free!

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9. Significantly Reduce Your Electric Bill With A Few Simple Habits

Next to monthly housing payments, heat and electric bills are often the biggest expense around the home. Here are a few ways to slash electric bills with just a little bit of planning…

  • Unplug Everything: Did you know that appliances and electronics continue sapping electricity as long as they’re plugged in, even when their switches are turned off? Making a habit of unplugging these items when they aren’t in use saves a lot of energy over time. This includes computers, TVs, the toaster, hair dryers and phone chargers.
  • Use energy-efficient light bulbs: Replace all of your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) or LED bulbs. Incandescent bulbs release most of their energy through heat, rather than light. Newer bulb styles are much more energy efficient, and they save a lot of electricity and money over time.
  • Use Smart Technology: How many times does the TV get left on with nobody watching it? Use timers and smart outlets to automatically turn off items at designated times or after a certain amount of time of inactivity. Smart thermostats can also make your home more energy efficient by automatically adjusting the temperature when you’re away.

These things may seem small, but small amounts of energy over time can create big bills! Often times electric bills are made up of a lot of unnecessary usage — and that’s money that could be better spent elsewhere (or put back in your pocket).

10. Get a Discount On Your Car Insurance (Save $536/year or more)

Did you know that depending on your age, driving record and many other factors you could get a huge discount on car insurance?

If you’re paying over $50/month for car insurance, there’s a good chance you’re paying more than you need to. It’s quite common for this to occur, as most drivers simply keep their same old policy in place… and those rates can creep up over time without really noticing.

Most people are not taking advantage of the multiple discounts available to them when it comes to car insurance. And the reason is that most people don’t even know about these discounts.  Click here to learn how you can save up to $536 on your car insurance.

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11. Meal plan for the week.

Meal planning is a great way to save money. If you know ahead of time what you’re going to eat each day, chances are you won’t be spending money eating out! Plan around grocery store flyers and coupons to grab great deals on food sales, opt to buy generic brands instead of pricey name brand products when it makes sense, and make sure to pack a lunch for work!

You may be able to possibly save even more money (and save yourself time!) by ordering online and having your groceries delivered. Grocery delivery options like Shipt, Instacart, or Peapod (where available) offer an easy way to stay away from those tempting and unnecessary goodies you might scoop up shopping in the store!

Your local grocery store may offer a grocery pickup option. Depending on the grocery stores you live nearby, you can usually opt for grocery pickup instead of delivery – so basically all you need to do is arrive at the store, wait for your groceries to be brought out and loaded into your car, then you’re on your way — it’s so simple!

Tip: If you want someone else to do the meal planning for you and you’re looking to lose some extra weight, get a personalized Keto meal plan from PushKeto at 50% OFF. You’ll thank us later!

12. Rent Out the Spare Room or Garage

This one can put a little extra in the pocket, just by maximizing unused space in the house.

It’s becoming increasingly common for homeowners to harness the earning potential of their property by renting out space to tenants or tourists. Rentership in the U.S. is near a 50-year high, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, with 35.6 percent of the population renting rather than owning a home as of the third quarter of 2018.

A large share of potential renters can make becoming a landlord attractive. Whether you have an English basement or a spare guest room, Airbnb has made short-term rentals fun and lucrative. On average, those who rent on Airbnb earn 4.5x more than if they were to rent to a tenant as a traditional landlord. That figure also accounts for a 30% vacancy rate, so there are things definitely attractive about this model.

To market on Airbnb, you’re required to report the additional income you receive. But that income can easily cover the mortgage and other expenses. There’s also the added benefit of being able to deduct any repairs and improvements made to that rental space!

P.S. Don’t’ want to rent out a bedroom, you could always rent out extra storage area or garage space!

13. Use Coca-Cola To Clean Your Home

Who knew one of the world’s most enjoyed drinks could be such a practical household staple? Coke is similar to an acidic cleaner. The quantity of acid in soda is sufficient to erode at the enamel of your teeth, making them more vulnerable to decay. So why buy those expensive cleaners when you can perfectly clean those stubborn stains with Coke. You can use it for a variety of household chores, here are the top 5:

1. Remove grease stains from clothing and fabric

2. Clean a toilet; pour around bowl, leave for a while, flush clean

3. Clean tile grout; pour onto kitchen floor, leave for a few minutes, wipe up.

4. Descale your kettle

5. Remove marker stains from your carpet. ApplyCoke, scrub and then clean with soapy water

6. Clean your windows; soak a cloth with Coke and rub your window. Then simply wash the glass pane with water

7. Wipe your glasses with a rag dipped in Coke

8. Prevent your sink from clogging by pouring Coke into it

14. Stick to the 24-Hour Rule

We’d be willing to bet that you buy more things online than at a store—which means you also know how tempting and easy it is to constantly visit your favorite online shop to see the latest inventory. (In fact, that “what’s new” section was put there with people like you in mind.) And even if you’re not actively shopping, it’s hard to think about your budget when a cute pair of shoes follows you around Instagram, practically begging to be bought.

The solution to avoiding impulse buys? Impose a 24-hour limit on hitting the “buy” button after placing items in your cart. Chances are good that by the next day, you’ll decide you don’t need them after all.

15. Use This New “Roof Replacement” Service To Get a New Roof This April

Homeowners should never have to pay full price for roof repairs again. In the past roofing work could cost a fortune. Worse yet, a bad roof can lead to tremendous damage, mold, animal infestation and other expensive situations that could be avoided with proper home maintenance.

No doubt replacing a home’s roof is an easy thing to put off “until next season,” especially since traditionally the cost could come with quite the price tag.

But thanks to this brilliant new website, it no longer has to cost homeowners an arm and a leg to get the roof replaced or repaired. In fact, homeowners that use the site will never have to pay full price for roof repairs again.

Now homeowners can get their roof replaced while saving thousands of dollars in the process by taking advantage of all special discounts, rebates and incentives available in their area.

Every homeowner should check to see how cheap it can be to get a new roof in their area.

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16. Save Money On Your Wireless Plan and Avoid Hidden Fees

Wireless companies are always competing with each other to provide the best rate, which means cheaper, better plans become available quite frequently. In just a couple months of selecting a plan it can already become outdated… replaced by better deals.

You can bet they won’t tell you about the new, better deals. They’ll let their customers stay on older, legacy plans for as long as the customer is willing to continue to keep paying. So be sure to check the packages your provider has available regularly. Call your wireless provider to check if any special plans are available to you every few months or visit their website to find the best deals.

Similarly, when purchasing a new phone the cell phone companies often offer insurance on the brand new phone — which seems like a good idea at the time. But as your device ages, becomes a bit archaic, and loses value, it may not make sense to keep paying insurance on something that no longer has much value. It may be worth canceling the extra insurance if the expense is no longer actually beneficial to you.

17. Solving The Disposable Razor Dilemma

Disposable razors lose their sharpness pretty quickly (or get too clogged up with residue), so you end up buying them rather frequently — and they are not cheap!

What these companies won’t tell you is that there are non-disposable razors that do not cost a ton. And once you’ve purchased one, you only need to replace the blade itself. Excellent quality blades can be found online for super cheap. They are a little bit sharper than disposable razors (since they’re designed to last more than five days), but don’t worry– they’re the exact same shape blade as the popular disposable razors.

For women, razors can often be labeled and marketed for men, but they’re actually not gender exclusive. The companies are just marketing the razors as an old-fashioned manly-man thing rather than a save-money-and-the-environment thing. Don’t be fooled, you can totally use them.

18. Clear All Room Vents of Dust & Obstructions

If any of the vents in your home are covered or blocked by anything, this causes your heating and cooling systems to work overtime. After uncovering your vents, check inside for dust bunnies and brush them out. Clear vents improve airflow, reducing the amount of energy usage which will make your bill shrink.

19. Getting Poor Gas Millage From Ignoring the Low Tire Pressure Alert

Did you know properly inflated tires can improve the fuel economy of a vehicle by as much as 3.3 percent

The average car has a fuel economy of 24.7 miles per gallon. If you increase that by 3.3 percent, that’s an annual cost savings of $193 just for having the right amount of air in the tires!

That may not sound like a lot, but remember… small amounts of savings here and there can quickly add up to big amount of savings by the end of the year. Likewise, a lot of little expenses can add up to big monthly bills.

20. Stop Overpaying for Your Internet Service

Everyone hates it when their internet gets slow or laggy. However, most people don’t need to go to the opposite extreme. People pay for the fastest possible internet service they can find.

That might be necessary if you’re streaming HD videos or playing HD video games online. But if you don’t do those things, then you probably won’t notice a difference if you downgrade to a middle-range internet package.

Downgrading your internet connection can save you $15 or $20 each month. That adds up to a decent chunk of change at the end of the year. Best of all, if you’re just browsing websites or occasionally streaming videos, then you won’t notice a decline in quality or connection speed at all.

The same thing holds true for your cable bill. People take introductory offers from cable companies to get free premium networks. However, they don’t use those networks much. After the introduction period ends, their cable bill jumps up. If you don’t keep a close eye on this, then you can wind up paying extra money every month for a service that you’re not really using.

21. Meditate to avoid stress-spending

It’s easy to justify spending money just to wind down from a stressful day. However, it’s rarely a good idea. Instead of buying things you don’t need to make yourself feel better, it might be wise to find other ways to de-stress instead.

Exercise is always a good option, as is meditation and even a good old-fashioned nap. Read, watch movies, or work in your yard if you’re stressed out. Spending money won’t reduce your stress in the long run.

If you’re new to meditation – just search Youtube for free meditation videos or try using free meditation apps like Headspace, Calm or Aura.